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ELP at Windemere
Posted on 03/19/2019
Akron ZooMobileWe had an opportunity to have the Akron ZooMobile Visit our classroom! We were able to learn about living in nonliving things and explore the differences between living things and nonliving things! We also were able to meet a few live animals!! 

First we met “Shelly” the Turtle! Did you know that turtles with brown eyes are always girls and boys have red or orange?

FUN FACT: Turtles can live up to 100 years old!

Next was ”Winter” the Dove who was albino. We learned that Winter loves to finger paint just like us!! Her favorite color is pink!

We had “Kristoff” the Chinchilla. He loves being in the cold weather and does not take baths like us, instead he takes himself a dirt bath! He also loves tasty treats like sunflower seeds, corn, and peas.

FUN FACT: Chinchillas sleep during the day and eat at night!

Next was “Miley” the Giant African Millipede. Did you know that millipedes can have anywhere from 2 to 300 legs? Also they can get as big as 10 to 12 inches long!

FUN FACT: They are called “Natures Garage Men” because they will eat anything and everything! We even learned that they eat animal droppings... YUCK!

“Thistle” was our very interesting friend! He was a Tenrec! Tenrecs can only be found in Madagascar.

FUN FACT: they are the closest related animal to an elephant!

Finally we met “Peanut” the  Scarlet Macaw. Her eyes were on the side of her head so she could see her surroundings. She’s the only bird with two toes that are in front and two toes in the back to help her eat.

FUN FACT: never stick your finger inside of her beak because her beak is so strong it could even bite through 1/8in. of steel!!

woman holding bird

We had an opportunity to meet Officer Justin, who is a police officer with the City of Akron. We were able to learn all about his job and responsibilities within our community. We were also able to try on his vest, helmet and play around inside his police vehicle!! We learned about how police officers are our friends and they are here to keep us safe!! In case of an emergency we call 9-1-1!

Fun Fact: If you see a police officer you can ALWAYS go up to them and say “hello” or give them a high five! More than likely they will have a sticker to pass out 😊

Police officer talking to kids

We had an opportunity to meet Mr. Mike, who is a RTA driver for the city of Akron! We Were able to learn all about his job and responsibilities within our community! We also were able to get a ride around the parking lot and take turns honking the bus horn 😊 Fun Fact: did you know that if children are lost or separated from their families they can find any RTA bus to help contact the police and find their way back home?

RTA bus driver with kids

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